La Esquina de Tejas Bar Santo Domingo Av. 27 de Febrero No.343, Evaristo Morales Republica Dominicana 809-567-2161 / 809-567-4757(Sandwich) (Parillada) (Mariscos) (Criolla) (Restaurante) (Reposteria) (Piano Bar) (Panaderia) (Delicatesen) (Cafe) (Bar)
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La Esquina de Tejas Bar

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Sandwich, Parillada, Mariscos, Criolla, Restaurante, Reposteria, Piano Bar, Panaderia, Delicatesen, Cafe, Bar,
Av. 27 de Febrero No.343, Evaristo Morales
Santo Domingo
809-567-2161 / 809-567-4757
Silvia Santos, Aridio Roque, Wilgton Inoa
Tarjetas de Crédito:
de 7:30 a.m. a 12:00 p.m
Sandwich Cubano, Ropa vieja, comidas criolla, picaderas, los mejores postres, Las mejores carnes importadas a la parrilla, a demas somos panaderia, reposteria, podras disfrutas de los mejores marisco bien frescos
2 x 1 todos lo dia (menos los jueves) trago de vodka Eristoff, ademas tenemos musica en vivo los jueve y viernes

Fecha: 02/02/17 De: BONO
Zoiets verwacht je toch helemaal niet?? Echt waardeloos maar nu weten we het en van jou superlief dat je zelf iets voor de &qkuu;ongeluktige&qoot; winnares hebt gemaakt. Al maak je heel veel niet af LOL, deze creaties zijn stuk vor stuk prachtig dus ik kijk uit naar de rest!Groetjes, Irene

Fecha: 11/10/16 De: ESSENCE
That`s a genuinely imspersive answer.

Fecha: 11/10/16 De: DELIA
I sechraed a bunch of sites and this was the best.

Fecha: 11/10/16 De: MAREL
That`s more than sebnisle! That`s a great post!

Fecha: 11/10/16 De: JAYNE
If you`re reading this, you`re all set, padrner!

Fecha: 11/10/16 De: TRISH
Furrealz? That`s mauvleorsly good to know.

Fecha: 11/10/16 De: CASSIE
Wow, this is in every recespt what I needed to know.

Fecha: 10/12/15 De: SAJID
I hope they aim for something which is well wihtin ADA`s reach and not end up designing something which is time consuming like LCA. IAF or ADA should sit and decide what all things that are possible rather than what all things they want. It shouldn`t be like LCA, a tailess delta winged aircraft which many countries around the world had given up researching due to its complexity.

Fecha: 14/10/15 De: DAWID
9:30 am and all closet /lurker pakis.The REAL roesan for the angst and frustration at the LCA is that EVEN without a SINGLE LCA inducted the IAF, even at present strength,packs enough punch for Pakistan.Unlike the `what pak can afford JF-17 the LCA is not the lifeline of the IAF .The pakis are most envious that we have an LCA effort going on while at the same time acquire many many more Sukhoi 30s now in super mode,Naval Mig -29s,a typhoon or a Rafale and the FGFA .Truly a formidable lineup.

Fecha: 14/10/15 De: PINTU
What is the use of the missile if the fiethgr keeps running through trial phase for 3 decades. Whilst DRDO is finding it difficult to induct a gen3++ fiethgr LCA Tejas MK-1 into the air is making the public fool proposing white elephant projects like the AMCA, Aura, Rustam etc. Get the bsics right...LCA has been postponed till 2015 so has indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-1 and 2) seems the best engineers and scientists immigrate to USA and other countries whilst the good for no one stays back...and wastes billions of tax payers money in their dream projects...and finally do not yield anything. Its time to retain the best brains in India and not let them immigrate.

Fecha: 14/10/15 De: JAYEM
To Folks Who Think Tejas is a Total Waste:Did you learn to run before you leernad to crawl? I understand China has started to build 5th Gen planes, but they didn`t get there without going through building simpler designes. India has not built a fighter since decades. Indians need to re-learn that, and Tejas has been the stepping stone. Tejas may not be 5th gen material, but it has begun to train the next generation of Aero-space builders. It has served as an educational instution. We do not learn everything in college, we learn most of what we do on the Job while on the job, and that is how Indians too will gain the capabilities of building world class planes. Everything takes time, no one is born with the skills to build the 5th gen. LCA is like first year of college, LCA-mk2 is like the second year, AMCA is what takes you to graduation and anything after that can be expected to be on par with the rest of the world. Things take time, you have got to be patient. We have bought for many decades, now it`s time to learn so that we can design and build a couple of decades down the road.

Fecha: 14/10/15 De: ANDRESSA
The Derby was chosen for only one silpme reason: it comes fully integrated with the navigation-and-attack system (NAS) of the Tejas Mk1, which, in order to save time in terms of systems integration R & D, makes use of the EL/M-2032 MMR instead of the earlier proposed EL/M-2052 AESA-MMR. As far back as three years ago this decision was taken in view of the MoD`s desire to get the Tejas Mk1 qualified for IOC status as expeditiously as possible. Systems integration for the mission management avionics (including the navigation-and-attack system) has been the most challenging component of the Tejas Mk1`s R & D process and is by no means complete (and hence ADA has not yet gone public with any briefing on this subject thus far). What has been achieved thus far are only weapons carriage/ejection trials. Weapons qualification is still in progress and COULD be completed only by mid-2012. The same goes for the R-73E/Dash Mk3 HMD integration/qualification process, as well as for the Tejas Mk1`s defensive aids suite, which is still work-in-progress. But do note that HAL during the Aero India 2011 expo did showcase for the first time some of its innovative in-house R & D solutions, such as the CIT-4000A Mk12 combined IFF transponder, UHF SATCOM transceiver (as part of the operational data-link package), and the SDR-2010 SoftNET VHF/UHF/L-band software-defined radio, all of which will go on board the Tejas Mk1, Tejas Mk2, and the to-be-upgraded Su-30MKIs and Jaguar IS/IM.

Fecha: 14/10/15 De: SUMI
LCA is a 3rd Gen plane now because it does not meet some of the basic flihgt requirement. It is way overweight, despite using high percentage of composite. It cannot pull more than 6G or 7G. It cannot climb in a sufficient steep Angle of Attack. It turns too slowly.It`s basically not ready but to save face it`s rushed out and forced IOC on IAF, who basically calls it out as what it is, a 3rd Gen plane.

Fecha: 14/12/14 De: MELLIE
Great thnngiik! That really breaks the mold!

Fecha: 14/12/14 De: MINERVA
Impesrsive brain power at work! Great answer!

Fecha: 14/12/14 De: TEIYA
That`s not just logic. That`s really sebenils.

Fecha: 25/01/14 De: EMMY
Hey, you`re the goto exrtpe. Thanks for hanging out here.

Fecha: 21/01/14 De: HICHAM
Those damn spots. Spots in band equalled being reslpnsiboe, being accountable. I don`t think I`ve ever held myself (or had myself held by others) more accountable anywhere else than I did in band. If you didn`t hit your spot, play the right notes, if you had BENT ELBOWS, it was your fault and you had to do the push-ups for it. If you didn`t go down for the count, by golly there was a whole section of people who would call you out on your failure not only to you, but to a whole hoard of people who would stare until you took responisibilty for what you did or didn`t do. It was embarrassing to be called out that way, so you didn`t do it again. Being able to say, I messed up. I did it. It was me. My bad. is a rare thing these days. People constantly play the blame game and try to get the attention off them. Band taught us to be accountable for the good things you do and the bad. There are people depending on you whether you think so or not and the only way to better yourself and the other people around you is for you to be accountable for what you do and doing it to the best of your abilities. I still follow this principle today. Sometimes I wish I could call my coworkers out and make them do push-ups. Force them to be accountable for what they do. Plus, It gives you a good work out PS Kiana, I love this. You did an amazing job writing it. Miss you, love you. You are one of the people I will always remember from band and I was so glad to have met you.

Fecha: 17/12/12 De: RAJAT
Wade Willis - I have often wondered why you have cosehn to only access the highest peak by helicopter . wirling views from heaven are nice but you have much more to pain and suffering on the face of death before you can reach the final passage to the south pole of enlightenment you are old now and have little time to waste flitting around as a super star

Fecha: 01/10/12 De: JEROM
It is all relative thgouh isn`t it?! 7:03 paces makes me want to keel over and die. But I also remember not too long ago (maybe 2 years) when an 8:00 pace was completely out of my range! It doesn`t take much time doing speed work that you really start to feel yourself get faster. Oh and run with fast friends that helps too!Ernie has been going to Camp Bow Wow since he was a pup and does great! Loves it! We rescued Walter and he is has attachment issues so he is still a little nervous and spends most of the day pacing the fences looking for Ernie. They told us to keep bringing him back and he would get better and he does better most days, but they tell us he still would rather be with his brother all day Does your PetSmart have day camp? We take them there sometimes, but the paper work is a bit of a hassle.

Fecha: 15/06/12 De: PERUCHO
Me parece que deberian cambiarle el aspecto exterior, porque no me siento a gusto en un restaurant que en el frente tenga decenas de tanques con basura hedionda.

Fecha: 08/05/12 De: ARQ SUCRE B LANTIGUA
Agradable ambiente; exelentes atenciones del personal.

Fecha: 12/04/12 De: XIOMARA PEREZ
La comida es buena pero debieran complementarla con un pianista que interprete musica suave y variada.

Fecha: 06/01/12 De: TYYA
Now I know who the bnriay one is, I`ll keep looking for your posts.

Fecha: 06/10/11 De: ESCRIBE SU NOMBRE AQUI !
La comida es riquisima, pero el servicio es MALISIIMO. EL PERSONAL NO SABE MANEJARSE CON LOS CLIENTES, ni personal, ni por telefono.

Fecha: 25/08/11 De: ESCRIBE SU NOMBRE AQUI !
la comida es muy buena, pero el servicio en sala es pésimo; el propietario debe pagarles mejor a las chicas que están en sala para que no se discutan delante de los clientes por una propina, eso dice que el % que esta sobre la factura para propina ellas no lo reciben atención con eso señor gerente o propietario. gracias!!

Fecha: 16/03/11 De: TEC. B.M.
Nunca e ido a la esquina de tejas pero me dicen que es muy buena , alguna chica quisiera ir conmigo?

Fecha: 23/06/08 De: ELIZA
El Lugar es super acogedor, cuando lo visito no quiero irme. -

Fecha: 13/06/08 De: MICHELL
El lugar mas original de Santo Domingo.-

Fecha: 28/05/08 De: ESTER.

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